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At a Glance

MACOSH Healing Network

MACOSH Healing Network is a grassroots, non profit, social justice agency that provides holistic, culturally specific resources & services through the Arts to crime victims and survivors of domestic violence


About Our Founder

Lavon Morris-Grant

Lavon Morris-Grant is the Executive Director/Founder of MACOSH Healing Network, the first culturally specific, holistic African American non-profit, domestic violence organization in the State of Georgia. She is a social justice expert, gifted international and keynote speaker and dedicated political activist on vital social and psychological issues including; domestic violence, mental illness, trauma recovery, suicide prevention and gun control.

Lavon is an entrepreneur and accomplished author, having written many articles and two critically praised books, Whom Shall I Fear: A Spiritual Journey of a Battered Woman, describing the brutality she and her family endured at the hand of an abusive spouse, ultimately resulting in him attempting to take her life and shooting her several times.  In her latest book, released in 2014, Who Will Speak For My Children: Healing Through The Trauma, Lavon describes the powerful, debilitating and lingering effects that trauma leaves behind and how she, and her three children, personally survived, recovered and thrived through multiple, devastating traumas.  Lavon’s mission is to educate others on the insidious nature of domestic violence and the painful dynamic of the crippling trauma that ensues, as well as to instill hope and inspire others who are enduring struggle and strife to take action to live violent free lives. 

Over the past 15 years, she has traveled throughout the U.S., and globally, offering intensive training and powerful keynote presentations to universities, colleges, religious and social justice organizations and corporations. Lavon’s speaking topics include; Healing through Trauma, Domestic Violence Faith-Based Training, Domestic Violence 101, Teen Dating Violence, Domestic Violence in the Workplace, etc.  She is a knowledgeable, informative presenter and a gifted, motivational speaker who fearlessly addresses the social and systematic barriers that negatively impact individuals’ lives.

By invitation, Lavon spoke alongside Democratic Party Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, at a press conference sponsored by the Americans for Gun Safety Foundation at the White House to appeal to local, state and federal authorities to strictly enforce the gun restrictions on domestic violence protective orders.  She also appeared on a domestic violence Public Service Announcement hosted by Verizon with CBS Sportscaster Analyst, James Brown. 

Lavon aspires to and inspires in others the philosophy and belief that we should never allow our circumstances or others to define who we are.

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